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I. Decorative paint, protecting surface of material

1. Water-based decorative paint

It is used for decorating, protecting interior and exterior surface of the construction work, industrial zone, entertainment area... with various types: flat, semi-gloss, gloss paint, meeting with the aestheticity and color. It is durable, fadeless, waterproof, anti-dust, mildew resistance, easy washability with over 1010 colours. It can be classified into 3 basic groups:





* Flat paint: K-180, K-771, K-203, K-260 for interior; K-280, K-205, K-261 for exterior.

* High-grade paint: Semi-gloss paint K-5500, K-4500 and  Alkali resistance primer K-109 for interior; Flat paint K5501, Alkali resistance primer K-209 for exterior.

* High-grade gloss paint: K-871 for interior and K-360, K-460, CT-04T for interior. Especially, CT-04T has additional function of waterproofing as well. K-360 and K-460 have hard surface, anti-dust, self-cleaning, dirt pick-up for a new appearance after shower.

In order to increase the beauty of decorative paint, it should be used gloss transparent coating Clear-T for interior, Clear-N for exterior.

2.  Gloss paint with abrasive, impact and waterproofing resistance, dispersed in water

Along with the development of industry, the demand of using paint is higher. Therefore, KOVA has created product system with functions of abrasive, impact and chemical resistance. KOVA has produced thousands of tons of this paint, serving customer in the whole country. It is used for wall, industrial floor, parking-lot, swimming pool, station floor, wharft, .... Paint film is durable, gloss, beautiful, washable, heavy loading resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, meeting with the different demand of customers. KL-5T, W-1, W-2 are used for interior finish and KL-5N, K-462-2, K-462-5 for exterior finish. Besides, there are primer KL-5T Aqua and transparent coating Clear KL-5 

3. Gloss paint for wood, wall with characteristics of high hardness, waterproofing, chemical resistance.

It is applied for cement wall, stone, wood, protecting the surface and increasing the longevity of wood and against wormeater, damp. This type includes water-based paint T-13, W-2 with the functions of creating color, beauty and hiring flaw of wood as well. KL-1 and W-3 are used for creating gloss, maintaining natural beauty of wood.

4. Anti-rust paint for mental

Normally, it is used as primer for anti-rust, corrosive resistance, protecting mental surface such as iron, steel... This type includes solvent paint KL-3, KL-6 and water-based paint KG-01, KG-04, KG-05.

5. Decorative gloss paint for mental and other materials

It is applied for metal with purpose of creating beauty and color for the surface after using anti-rust primer. There are 2 types of metal paint: water based paint KG-02, KG-06, KG-07 and solvent paint KL-2, KL-7. Besides, it is also used for concrete, wood and other surfaces.

6. Heat resistance paint

It is high temperature resistance, durable in hot environment. It is used for metal structure such as: combustion chamber, industrial drier line, chimney, industrial exhaust fumes system.

7. Sparkle paint

It has high gloss with many colours, applying for wall, pillar, wood to increase the beauty of special paint.

8. Luminescent paint

It absorbs sunlight and emits light in the dark. It is applied for restaurant, hotel, entertainment area, cultural, stage, arrow, exit signal board in case of power cut. This type includes water based and solvent paint, using for wall, floor, and signal board for both interior and exterior.

9. Heat insulation paint (CN-05):

It is water based paint, heat insulation, light retroflexity. It is used for heat insulation for wall, metal roofing, concrete...In hot day, it can decrease temperature from 5-100C.

10. Paint for sporting court

It is water based paint, using for sporting court such as Tennis court, race-track so as to create buffer layer for the court surface, decrease impact and against slip in the process of training and competing of sportsmen. For a best finish, it should be applied both TN-A Buffer layer and CT-08 finish coating.

11. Artistic paint

It is water based paint, including stone imitation paint, texture paint, brocade paint, sound insulation paint, wood vein paint, picturesquare paint... This type is suitable for interior and exterior decoration, luxurious appearance, durability, sound insulation, washability. Picturesquare paint (Fresco paint) is new product, creating many designs and colours like paper-hangings. It is applied for special area such as: kindergarten, nursery school, entertainment area... Stone imitation paint, texture paint, brocade paint have high hardness, durability, using for pillar, wall. These products are highly appreciated by customers.

12. Traffic paint

It includes cold paint, Hot-melt paint, reflective and non-reflective paint. The paint film is quickly dry to avoid shower and releasing traffic jam, especially it can be applied on damp surface by synchronic sprayer system of USA, easy application in all weather conditions and surfaces.


II. Leveling materials (Mastic, Skimcoat)

These are special materials, using for leveling or priming the surface before coating.  Paint film will be smooth, no crack after applying Mastic, saving finishing paint. Besides, KOVA has Mastic with functions of waterproofing, upside down pressure resistance, abrasive, corrosive, impact, damp resistance, suitable for industrial floor, parking lot, tunnel...

1. Mastic for leveling (paste): Interior Mastic (MT-T) and Exterior Mastic (MT-N)

2. Mastic with functions of waterproofing, abrasive, impact resistance: Mastic KL-5, SK-5, SK-6.

3. Skim coat for leveling (powder): Interior Skimcoat (MB-T) and Exterior Skimcoat (MB-N).


III. Waterproofing materials

Due to hot, damp, rainy characteristics of tropical zone, construction works are often soaked and leaked. Therefore, waterproofing is necessary mission for construction works. In order to meet with the various needs, KOVA has created a waterproofing system with multi-functions. It can be classified as follows:

1. Special CT-01: Multifunctional, chemical and abrasive resistance waterproofing, used for concrete, cement, wood, metal, durable with upside down pressure.

2. CT-02: One way, filling crack anti-Alkali of concrete, cement, effective after 5 minutes.

3. CT-04Đ: Waterproofing for floor, roof, tank, tile, and wall.

4. CT-04T: Waterproofing and decorative paint for vertical wall, sloping surface with many colors.

5. CT-05: Quickly hydraulic cement, immediately stop flow.

6. CT-08: Decorative paint and waterproofing for Tennis, badminton and multi-function sporting courts.

7. CT-11A: Cement waterproofing

8. CT-11B: Cement and concrete additive

9. CT-14: Elastic waterproofing, upside down pressure resistance (New)

10. CT-15: Upside down pressure resistance (New)


IV. Preeminent Characteristics of KOVA Paint and Waterproofing Material


1. Paint

- KOVA Paint and Mastic are fully tropicalised, resistant to the severe weather in Vietnam

- KOVA Products is synchronic from waterproofing material, Mastic, Primer to finish coating

- The colour of Mastic is smooth white, good adhesion to top coating

- Elasticity, no crack, no peel-off

- Abrasive resistance, tough paint film

- Waterproof resistance, anti-UV ray for exterior products

- 1010 color system for selection with fresh, durable, fadeless properties

- Many different types: flat, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss

- Washability with brush and soap, self-cleaning, dirt pick-up

- Ease of application, high coverage


2. Waterproofing material

- CT-11A and CT-11B are modern and compatible with cement

- CT-11A is adhered to cement surface, forming a firm linkage

- High longevity, over 20 years

- Elasticity, no crack


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